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Mentally Imprisoned

by Swamps

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released May 6, 2016

Released May 6, 2016
Songs written by Swamps
Recorded January 2016 at Dexter’s Lab Recording
Tracked & Mixed by Nick Bellmore
Mastered by Nick Bellmore



all rights reserved


Swamps Springfield, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Wasteland
Barking at the moon
Howling at the fucking sun
We are the wolves
This land has died
Torn up, burnt down, nothing left inside.
Torn up, burnt down, nothing left inside.
We are the wolves
Death rides in, no savior
Fill your veins with pain then it's over.
This land has died
Torn up, burnt down, nothing left inside.
Torn up, burnt down, nothing left inside.
We are the wolves, survived on your flesh
A wasteland of death - we made of this earth
No one to blame, no one but us
Now you must pay, pay with your skin
We are the wolves
Track Name: War/Peace
War's been waged on my mind again

War's been waged on my mind again
Life cut me up but death stitched me up
Battle in this trench, in this rut I am stuck
Battle with these burdens, with these demons
I am tortured at night

I've been closing my eyes but I can't fall asleep

Read my mind, feel my war
To suffer is to live

A war has been waged
A fucking war has been waged
And there's nowhere to hide
Because it's all in your mind

Track Name: Born Hunted
You better fear
Fear the woman
Fear for the man
Fear the future before we fade to the past
Fear your karma
My karma is you
I'm hunted now
Built a world in solitude
Population: me, but I'm hunted now
I'm hunted now

Born hunted
Beat to the crown
Fuck the system
Burning it down.
They don't want you, want you to win
You better fear

Beat by the crown, gagged and bound
Struggle for air, drown
Lived hunted, I will die hunted
Tombstone reads "born hunted"

Child of war blooms a man of disrepair
Now he fights for his life
Track Name: Blood Loss
Blood loss
I am your karma
I am disease
I am the pain brought down on your knees
Rotted and broken
Stranded, exhausted
Looking for peace but I'm surely forgotten

Karma lives and karma breathes
Watch it bleed, take your toll on me

This is your karma
Bad luck and disease
Destined for failure
Forever forced to believe
Rotted and broken
Stranded, exhausted
Looking for peace but I'm surely forgotten
Blood loss

Surrounded by failure, I'm done
Broken and shattered, they won
Infection takes over my mind
Losing the battle, get ready for war

Blood in my veins, falling down on the floor
Pools at my feet as I stare at the wall
Blood in my veins

Blood in my veins, falling down on the floor
I sit and I stare, I have drowned in my fear
Track Name: Going Postal
I'm going postal, I'm going fucking postal
I lost my cool, I swear I lost my fucking cool
I'm feeling mental, I'm feeling fucking mental I'm going to die

I swear I lost it long ago
I think you know now, I'm gone

I swear I'm gunna fucking die.
When you ask me where I'm going
I think you know, yeah I think you know
I'm going postal
Track Name: Another Dark Day
Passing my time
Scratching at these blistered scars
Wasting our lives
Staring at our broken past
It's coming back now
You can't save me
I'm just blind too
Blind to myself
Blind to these scars
Staring at our broken past
Ripping at these blistered scars
Feeling like I don't mean shit
Feeling this feeling that I felt before
Scarcrow can't save me
Skin dripping off my bones
Blood blistered fingers
Another dark day, mentally imprisoned
My mind, dead and diseased
Another dark day creeps around the corner
Scarecrow can't help me
Another dark day creeps around the corner
Scarecrow can't save me
Track Name: Corroding Kings
Beat down the crown.

Born under kings and their slave holder sons, held down by the hand that answers to none. Grip to reality, see with your eyes. Never mind my disgust, you must realize. Dig.

Sealed so tight in this coffin I call life, surrounded by the jackels, I dare not close my eyes. Born with this chip that's sewn to my shoulder, cuts get deeper and I only grow colder. Hanging from my neck, I begin to recall the face of the jackel as it swallows me whole. Ripping the flesh from my bones.

My purpose in life is to feed them all. Trapped in this coffin, I swing into the night.
Track Name: Money
Spend all your money, we all die fast
Fuck the future, born to sink to the bottom
Give in
Alone in your head, just give in
No future, never wanted to be nothing
No future, keep standing in my own way

Fill your pockets with paper, say you'll save it for later, just a slave to the paper
When you're dead in the dirt, still chained to your vault, just a slave to the paper

In this wasteland of dust, you mean nothing to us
You can pay with your skin in this new world that we live in
In this new world we live in
Track Name: Sea Of Snakes
Acting like this doesn't phase me
Like this world hasn't changed me
Black and blue, colorized wounds
Twenty something years of spit in my face

I've become so weak
Feet stained red because I walk the street
Worn to the bone because I cannot sleep

Slipping away, I've been burning my rage
Burning my rage, I'm just stuck-not saved
I've been clutching my guts, take it day by day

Forever damned to walk
Cut the tongue from my mouth
You can't stop these words, they'll keep pouring out
Fuck your community, fuck your unity
Bogus fucking ops, it's nothing fucking new to me

Eyes fixed on this land of waste
Sea of snakes
Choose to drown or will to fight
Bite the head off

You thought you could infect my world
Sea of snakes

Sea of snakes is where I'm forced to swim
Join or cut the head, I won't drown in your unity
Track Name: Survive
Fighting for survival in this apocalyptic dust
Gas has filled my lungs, I have no one I can trust
No one
I've been living in fear, I've been digging my own grave
The plague knocks at your door

Dragging my sword through the sands of time
My vision's blurred, I close my eyes

Fight back

Fighting for survival, wounded knee, regurgitated
This is the world we live in and we've destroyed her. Mother nature, father-son. Now it's our turn to bleed.